News Archive

Pintail's Team Shortlisted for Cancer Research UK's Grand Challenge Award

15 February 2018

SPHENE project (Stratifying cancer Patients to optimise combination treatment regimens using squamous cell carcinoma of HEad and NEck as a demonstrator) has been short-listed for Cancer Research UK's second Grand Challenge.

Pintail works with Mayo Clinic

24 February 2015

Pintail have just completed working on a Horizon 2020 application led by Prof Anthony Windebank at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Pintail and NUIG secure another H2020 stem cell project

28 January 2015

Pintail recorded another H2020 success recently, with the selection of the NEPHSTROM project for funding by the EU.

Pintail hosts ADIPOA-2 meeting

28 January 2015

Pintail hosted the second plenary meeting of the new ADIPOA-2 project in Dublin in January.

Double success in first Horizon 2020 round

15 September 2014

Pintail scored double success in the first round of project evaluations for the new Horizon 2020 programme.

Health 2013 Proposals

4 October 2012

2013 Health Proposals submitted for FP7 programme.

Projects Added

7 August 2012

We have updated our projects page to include two new projects: In-MINDD, REDDSTAR.

DEXLIFE Press Release

1 March 2012

FP7: DEXLIFE, a new type 2 diabetes prevention project, awarded 5.5 million euro grant. Pintail named as administrative assistant.

Both ICT Call 6 Proposals successful

1 January 2011

FP7: Both the ICT Call 6 proposals with Irish universities were successful. We are now working with UCD and TCD to manage their new projects CULTURA and RUBICON.

Two Health Proposals successful

1 January 2011

FP7: Two Health proposals that we wrote and/or negotiated with NUIG were successful. We're looking forward to working with NUIG to manage and deliver GlycoHIT and RESTORE.